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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Far overdue links to some responses

Two good responses were snet in much too long ago, and I haven't gotten around to posting them. Rather than stick them back at the bottom of the old items where no-one will ever see them, I thought I'd put them up here.

First, on the issue of the Palestinian peace process and the final Israeli offer to Arafat, Russel Wvong wrote in to point out that there was one final offer made after Camp David, which was more favorable to the Palestinians and didn't chop up the West Bank as much as the plan I previously linked to.( Original post here.) Check out here for a map of that offer. It is better in some ways, but there are still some real problems in terms of chunk of land taken, just from a geographic standpoint. And this map doesn't include the various Israeli roads across the territory, which act to subdivide it. Water and overflight rights were also sticking points, beyond the old standbys of Jerusalem and the right of return.

And, concerning the justification for manned space flight, and how it is or isn't similar to that given for environmentalism, (original post here), the baseball crank wrote a long, thoughtful reply to why manned space flight makes sense, economically, while environmentalism in many (most?) cases doesn't. I don't want to mis-state his arguments in an attempt to sum them up, so go there and read it all.

Link posted by Doug Turnbull at 12:31 PM

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